Monitoring Charts

Tool Objective

Caregivers can use these monitoring charts to track various health issues commonly experienced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These charts should be shared with the person’s primary care provider during a health assessment or when a concern arises. Monitoring charts can also help to see if a medication or treatment is helping.

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Supporting Materials

Everybody wins: Preparing for a doctor visit

Learn how caregivers and professional support staff can help people with developmental disabilities prepare for a visit to the doctor. Use monitoring charts to track symptoms and behaviours in advance of the visit. Bring the monitoring sheets to a doctor to facilitate discussion about symptoms. Health care professionals can also share the monitoring charts with caregivers for monitoring symptoms and behaviours over time. Video developed by the Nuts and Bolts of Health Care team at H-CARDD (CAMH) and Vita/Mens Sana Community Living Services, 2019. [7:05 minutes]