Health Watch Tables for Selected Developmental and Related Disabilities – Preamble

Health Watch Tables provide health information for specific syndromes with an established etiology and with identified health concerns. These syndrome specific tables were developed to complement the 2011 version of the Canadian consensus guidelines on the primary care of adults with developmental disabilities and the Preventive Care Checklist for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The selection of syndromes is based on considerations like prevalence, medical conditions related to certain syndromes, and effectiveness of available medical interventions.

The Health Watch Tables highlight particular health problems that occur more frequently among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities compared with the general population. The recommendations are not meant to impose a rigid formula as to what must be done and when, irrespective of the primary care provider’s judgement as to what is judicious in given circumstances.

The development of the Health Watch Tables involved a rigorous review of existing guidelines and published literature on these syndromes. Full citations for all the reviewed information are included at the end of each Health Watch Table. The recommendations in the Health Watch Tables reflect a broad consensus in published texts by specialists on these topics and summarize relevant information.

Developed by

Developmental Disabilities Primary Care Initiative (2011), Surrey Place, Toronto