Crisis Prevention and Management Plan for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at Risk of or During a Behavioural Crisis

Tool Objective

Crisis prevention begins with understanding underlying factors that might predispose people with IDD to develop behaviour problems. This tool helps primary care providers and caregivers develop preventive and management strategies in crisis situations. It breaks down stages of escalation and recommends interventions for various crisis situations. A blank and completed sample Crisis Plan form, best filled in by an interdisciplinary team, will help to recognize an individual patient’s pattern of escalating behaviours, and identifies responses that are usually effective for this patient to prevent, if possible, a behavioural crisis, or to manage it when it occurs.

Developed by

The Behavioural and Mental Health Working Group of the Developmental Disabilities Primary Care Initiative (2011), chaired by Dr. Elspeth Bradley, Surrey Place, based on Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ®Training (NVCI) from Crisis Prevention Institute